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Elly and Mart, 21 July 2014
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Dear all, this one is from Mart,

In May 2014 I went to Viet Nam for the 2nd time as a Senior Expert [yes we are getting older]. I went to Lam Dong Technical College, where I had been last year as well, to advice the Regular Training Centre [RTC] how to set-up contract education for the horticulture sector.
Meeting again with director Hoai of RTC was a pleasure. We had kept contact during the past year on a regular base about the progress of the activities. In spite of that the results were disappointing. Hoai had done too little in my point of view. His excuse was the difference in ideas about contract education of the new director of the school and the fact he had had no assistants. [At first he admitted a nephew and his wife and later on a niece of the director was added]. I, myself, thought that Hoai had mainly been busy with establishing a private school for English Education [for rich children] of his own. It is very common for government employees in Viet Nam nowadays to start a private business next to your job.
Because PUMís project needs to be completed by mid-2015 and some course need to be realized by then, there was a need to push things forward. We arranged a meeting with the new director 3 times, to get a clearer picture of what he wanted to accomplish. After that we organized a workshop for people working in the horticultural sector to make an inventory of their training needs. Finally Hoai installed 2 assistants to work out training programs and how to enlist students. This kind of installing assistants works simple in Viet Nam. You just call someone you know and of whom you think he can do the job and if this person says yes, it is settled.
Finally I made a to-do list with Hoai of 12 items/actions which he had to work out in May-June.
After returning to the Netherlands I discussed my experiences with PUM. They have another expert ready to go for the same school to advice in training for the hotel sector.
In the meantime I keep contact with Hoai through mail and skype and heard he has requests for English training and a training on consciousness of how the horticultural sector can work on a better production.
After work I enjoyed from the delicious Viet Nam food and some relaxing massages. Despite the elbows of the masseur in your spine, his walking over your body and his slapping on your chest, it feels very relaxing!! Also I enjoyed my daily evening walk over the market, just looking around, have a nice snack and buy some tropical foods.
Enjoy the reading

Greetings from Elly and Mart

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Hoai and Mart at work
Hoai and Mart at work
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packing juice

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Hoai and Mart at work
Hoai and Mart at work
packing juice
packing juice

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