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Elly and Mart, 3 November 2013
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Ready to go!

November 2013

Dear all,

Mart and I are ready to travel again. Thursday, November 14, 2013 we leave again for 3 months to 'our' project in Bangladesh. This winterís trainings program is not final yet, but we are confident that we will be able to be useful again. They want at least relearn lessons in singing and dancing and new rhymes and games.
There is also a request to continue ICT lessons. I would like to start something with a mother and toddler group, to show how to play and do something with education, nutrition, hygiene, etc.

We have received 2 boxes English children's books from Biblionef, a project of the Royal Library in The Hague. We are going to start a small library and I 'm going to teach how to read books in a way that creates fun and is educational at the same time. I have also received learning materials, with which I can make nice lessons for children.

Sun Children .
We will certainly be visiting again all Sun Children, their schools and their tutor groups. Up to now the reports about them have been positive. Once we have personally news of them for you, you will receive it.

Laterna Magica .
This past school year I gave a few workshops in the Netherlands at a school in Amsterdam. Laterna Magica is the school of our grandsons Jonas and Bram. The purpose of the workshops was to show the 'schoolí lives of children in Bangladesh. The Dutch children thought that the children of Bangladesh, were not only poor but also very sad. When showing a movie with playing Sun Children, they discovered that Bengali children could also have fun. That was quite a discovery for them. Moreover, they were full of questions about the lives of children in Bangladesh, so the teacher and I decided to give a few workshops.

Workshops on the Dutch school.
The first workshop was about food. They wanted to know if the Bengali children also take a lunch box to school. The children made and ate chapatti with a mild vegetable curry or gur. Another workshop was about festivals. They were curious how the children in Bangladesh celebrated their birthday. Well they do not, but they do celebrate childbirths and marriages and of course the religious festivals such as EID. The children decorated each other's hands with henna drawings and that was a big success. The last workshop was a new group and the children could again ask questions. They also made drawings of their lives here in the Netherlands, which I will take to Bangladesh. I will ask the Sun Children there to make drawings, which I will take back to the Netherlands. Hopefully this helps creating a bond between here and there.

In short, enough to look forward to. Keep an eye on our blog and you remain fully aware of the pleasure we experience in village life and seeing and playing with the Sun Children and the people over there.

Greetings from Elly and Mart

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