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Elly and Mart, 15 November 2015
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NEPAL 2015

Hello everybody,

Stressful months!
It took a while before we could sent you new news about our drive, but here we are.
The reason we did not mail earlier is, that we despeartely were waiting for news of “Wilde Ganzen' a Dutch foundation. And YES, we have good news!! The [re]building of Sathya Uddyan School in Nepal has been agreed upon. Rashmi Kafle can start building!

Look for information of this foundation at and look for the English pages. For donations their Bank Account Number is: NL53 INGB 00000 40 000

What happened earlier.
All started with the earthquake in Nepal in April this year. A week later, when all just about survived the shock a second one occurred. Until today regular aftershocks are felt. All in all no pleasant situation for the people in Nepal. And while more horrible news is entering the news, we are slowly forgetting the tragedy in Nepal.
We started with mailing and phoning the people we know in Nepal to know about their situation. Luckily their were no casualties among the ones we know. Only the hired building of Sathya Uddyan School was damaged in such a way, that the children no longer could live in safely. You all saw the pictured.
As soon as we heard this we spontaneously started a drive called 'Benefit dinners' to see if we could help Rashmi to [re]built her school.

A project proposal to Foundation 'Wilde Ganzen'.
Around the end of July, Mart was advised to draw a project proposal to Foundation 'Wilde Ganzen'. He wrote a school cum hostel proposal for Sathya Uddyan together with Rashmi Kafle. This was sent to Foundation 'Wilde Ganzen' at the beginning of September.
When a project is agreed upon by Foundation 'Wilde Ganzen' they can add a 50% to the money we raise with our drive.
Almost immediately Mart was invited to explain the proposal in person. This meeting's outcome was positive and we soon received a project number.
With that our project proposal was forwarded to another desk within the Foundation 'Wilde Ganzen'. There they scrutinized and came with further questions to clarify our aim. We could give satisfactory answers to most of the questions. Foundation 'Wilde Ganzen' advised us further to cut the project proposal into 2. Part 1 will be the proposal for rebuilding the school and part 2 will be the proposal for the hostel.

The school.
The 12th of November we signed an agreement with Foundation 'Wilde Ganzen'. This means that Perspective 3000 forwards the amount we raised with our drive to Foundation 'Wilde Ganzen' and they will add a premium of 50%. We installed our part of €16.154,- directly and they will add €8.077,- , which brings the total to €24.231,-, enough for Sathya Uddyan to built their school plus a small amount to start some training we intend to set up.

The hostel.
In October we understood that Foundation 'Wilde Ganzen' in principle does not support orphanages. We tried to explain that in this case it was more a hostel where children stayed that would not go to school while in their home-situation. They instead would have to help their parents with the family income or run around in the streets. Foundation 'Wilde Ganzen' agreed to look into a justified proposal when we can guarantee some necessary changes they suggested. We agree with their suggestions but have to find out if all of them can be applied. Because we already planned a visit to Nepal we promised to find out with Rashmi and sent in a second proposal together.

Our first days in Nepal.
At this moment we are in our first days in Nepal and already we had our first talk with Rashmi, mainly about the agreement with Foundation 'Wilde Ganzen' and the reports required. She will arrange a meeting for us with her Board and a visit to some of the parents homes. As it is Tihar, Nepalese New Year, all is closed this week for holidays and so we can visit the children while still at home an get an idea of their living conditions and a chance to talk with the parents.
Next week we can visit the construction site for the new school and see in what situation the school is running at the moment.

Tihar, Festival of Light, Nepali New Year.
We stay again at 'Om's Guesthouse' in Patan. Tihar is mainly a family festival. All gets cleaned for a New Year and they honor the family. Friday was the most important festival day, because sisters were honoring their brothers. We were invited at the family that runs the guesthouse. To the Gods a long life is requested for the brothers. This is symbolically done by water [a well that never dries], a nut that does not sink in water and flowers that never dry. The foreheads are painted in seven colors. When the brothers have received their dots, they do the same for their sisters, in order to respect each other. At the temples lights are burned to support the festivities.

Oil crisis.
The border between Nepal and India is closed already for a couple of weeks. This means that important goods, such as oil and gas-bottles cannot enter Nepal. We are noticing it because the taxi fairs are 2 to 3 times higher. Fuel from Npr 104 to 400 a liter and a waiting cue up to 3 days! Also restaurants close their doors because they cannot cook any more by lack of gas. Gas from Npr 1400 for a full refill to Npr 8-10.000 for half a bottle. Shops are closed because they do not receive their goods. And last but not least flights going out of Nepal need to detour and fuel up elsewhere, thus taking a longer time for their destinations. For us it means we do most of our meetings by foot. Walking to Sathya Uddyan takes about 2 ½ hour going and as well as returning. Shopping in Tamel takes 1 ½ hour up and the same down again. We are lucky that we are fond of walking and can do it.
Maybe we are lucky and some buses are driving or otherwise we are bound to take an expensive taxi.

For the moment this is it. Have fun reading this again and greetings from
Elly and Mart

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