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Elly and Mart, 29 March 2015
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Time for an update

Hello everybody,
Time for an up-date, with, first of all looking back on 2014!!
2014 was a year with many traveling, but they were not all for work or projects. The end of January, we returned from our training in Bangladesh and already in March we traveled to Bolivia. The reason was Marts brother, who celebrated his 50th year of priesthood and lives in Bolivia over 40 years by now.
A little earlier than planned we returned to the Netherlands, because Marts other brother suddenly passed away. We had paid him a visit just before leaving for Bolivia, but we could not foresee that that would be the last time we would meet each other.

In May and June, Mart went on PUM missions to Vietnam and Madagascar [we reported on that previously] and I went on a week’s trip to Samos with my youngest sister. In August we went camping in France with Djamun, our eldest grandson.

In September, Marts sister moved from one old people’s home to another. We already knew that the home where she stayed before would be closed down. The move did not go smoothly, but we are happy that she enjoys her new home by now, which of course is the most important thing. Partly due to her moving, we postponed our trip to Bangladesh this year as we wanted to be around.

In December we were longing so much for the sun that we booked a week’s holiday to Lanzarote. Christmas we were at home to celebrate with our children for the 1st time in years.

And suddenly it was 2015!
At the end of January, Mart’s sister had her 70th birthday and Mart’s eldest brother came especially for that from Bolivia to celebrate it together. Some friends were also invited and together we had a delicious lunch and his sister enjoyed every minute of it. Picture of Marijke and her brothers.

In December we received a request for a small job in Nepal.
SHBN [Holland Building Nepal Foundation] wanted us to help a local NGO [Sathi Sansar Nepal] located in Pokhara, with management advice and a plan for moving to a new location [Mart]. They also wanted a Hygiene training for the staff [Elly]. Sathi Sansar Nepal is a school for children with multiple brain damage [e.g. cerebral palsi]. It did not seem logical to plan a hygiene training while the school was busy ‘moving’, so we decided that Mart would go alone this time and we would go later in the year for the Hygiene training. That it is necessary prove the 2 pictures of dirt.

Due to the fact the school uses a rented building and the term of rent expires, Sathi Sansar has to move within a short time. SHBN has built a new school on a piece of land from the Rotarians, the ‘Holland House’. The new location is situated some 10 km outside Pokhara and especially the last part of the road is in very bad shape and very steep. The present bus with which the children travel from home to school is not adequate. Also toilets and water supply are not ready yet. What causes the delay [this was the situation already in 2012, when we visited the site too] is not clear. Picture Holland House.

Luni, the present female director of the school, finds it difficult to make a ‘moving’ schedule. Until now she only had to run the school with support of donors’ money and the directions came from Kathmandu. Now she has to make more decisions on her own and she finds that difficult.
In short a nice job for Mart and he went in February, on his own, for a 3 weeks period.

For the moment there are 4 big rooms available in a non-used health post of the village of Bharat Pokhari, near to the new location, which Sathi Sansar is allowed to use. Mart helped Luni with planning and realizing some necessary refurbishment. Arrange water supply, a toilet for invalids, repair of windows and doors and some painting. Together they also made a planning for the move to this location and talked things through with the staff of Sathi Sansar, because, like all new changes they were afraid of the new arrangement. Pictures Luni in meeting, Health Post and Watersupply.

By now, all has been reported to Bimal of SGCP Nepal and evaluated with Co and Corrie of SHBN. They will see to the progress of Sathi Sansar. SHBN was very satisfied with the result and Luni sent message that until now all is still going according to the planning.

And while Mart was in Nepal I encountered anxious days. Jonas, our grandson, was admitted in Hospital and it took almost a week before it was clear that his appendix was the problem. After an operation all is excellent with him again. Picture Jonas is hungry again.

State of affairs Sun Child Sponsorship Program Bangladesh
It looks like a repetition of previous years, because we still have difficulty receiving the reports of the through Perspective 3000 [and you] sponsored Sun Children in time.
By now we know a considerable amount of money has been used for medical costs and we received direct information about it from RSC Bangladesh. Also we know all children were promoted to next level, since January 1st, but the reports going with it did not arrive until the 19th of March, after several reminders. We waited with the transfer of our contribution until we received them and could inform all of you properly.

At the moment I also am busy up-dating the website again, so please take some toime to give it a look in near future.

A long newsletter this time,
As usual we wish you enjoying reading it
Elly and Mart

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Health Post
Health Post
Jonas feels hungry again
Jonas feels hungry again
Marijke met broers
Marijke met broers

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Health Post
Health Post
Jonas feels hungry again
Jonas feels hungry again
Marijke met broers
Marijke met broers

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