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Elly and Mart, 24 December 2015
Nepal Nepal , Kathmandu 24°


Dear all
We just finished a visit to Nepal, where we passed a useful time. At the very end of our visit there was a banda strike. It is part of the visit, as you hardly can visit Nepal without encountering one.
Lets see what our visit brought us.

Sathya Uddhyan
First thing is that we went to Nepal to see Rashmis project. We received the GO from Wild Goose Foundation just before we traveled. They agreed with the re-building of the Sathya Uddhyan School.
Once being on the spot, the building plan proved somewhat different from the drawing we received earlier. After several meetings with the engineer, a revised plan was made, which was sent to us as soon as it was ready. This new plan is more according to what is actually being built now, but still not 100% adequate. Mart is working on the details now. We also met with the Sathya Uddhyan Board and had a very pleasant and constructive talk.

Out of 40 children, just 20 returned to the school 2 days before we left. All children had a long Dahsain and Tihar holidays. As the old school building can only partly be used, the remaining 20 children can only return when the new school is ready. This means that most probably all children have lost a full scholastic year due to the earthquake and the aftermath.

Tooth brushing
With the children present we did a tooth brushing game and lesson. As usual Rabbit came and explained why tooth brushing is so important. Then all children enthusiastically practiced by brushing their teeth with brand new brushes and toothpaste donated by our dentist Erik de Meijer. Look at the pictures.

Developed Nepal
Board meeting
We had several meetings with Bishal, the founder of Developed Nepal and met with his Board members and his big group of volunteers during a meeting for future planning. A very useful and lively event.

Hand washing in Chundevi
With Developed Nepal and some volunteers we assisted in a hand washing hygiene program at Chundevi primary school. A useful day, but a lot of time is actually spent with travelling to reach the spot where the school is situated.

Rebuilt school in Dolalghat, Kavre
We also visited the school we rebuilt with Developed Nepal in Kavre district, close to Dolalghat. This school is situated in the very heavily by earthquakes of April and May 2015 affected area. The village, consisting of 28 households was totally destroyed. The people still live in tents and temporary shelters and did not get any help from the government yet.
The rebuilt school gives children of 3 surrounding villages the chance to go to school again. There still is a big need of clean drinking water now, as the water tanks are destroyed by the earthquakes as well. Developed Nepal promised to send us an estimate of the costs, so we can see if we can do something for that too.
The journey to Kavre was quite a trip. Starting at 8AM from home, we walked for about an hour to catch a mini bus to the big bus park. From there the local bus took us in 3hrs to Dolalghat, where we arrive around 2PM.
Here we took our dal-baht [cooked rice with lentil sauce] with nicely roasted local fish.
Next a walk for about hrs. to reach the actual village uphill. What a debris!!! See attached picture.
He journey back in an overcrowded local bus, packed between other travelers.
When we reached Kathmandu near 7,30PM I was tired and car-sick. To reduce the travel time, we took a taxi for the remaining part

Bhaktapur Durbar Square
2 days we spent in Bhaktapur. We were curious to see how much damage was done to this historical city by the earthquakes. Two big temples have vanished and many houses lost walls, floors, facades.
What strikes is the fact that mainly houses built by rocks and mud have big damage. That is why the poorer villages have had the biggest loss, as there these kind of houses are more frequent.
The newer buildings out of stone and cement mostly have survived. We visited Swarga, a home for disabled children, whose founder Krishna Kaita we know. This home luckily has not been damaged too much.
He gives a home, schooling and physiotherapy for 17 children.
Kathmandu Durbar Square
Also here there is a lot of damage. Temples disappeared and the museum and palace have been tremendously damaged. Very sad to see. Also Bim Tower, one of the striking buildings of Kathmandu is badly damaged as well as parts of Swayambu, Pashupathinath and Boudha. Plans to rebuilt are there, but a real start has not been made yet. The area is still vulnerable with quite some aftershocks still.

Luckily our guesthouse in Patan still is there, but the adjecent house is badly damaged as well. One of the flats is uninhabitable and the roof has gone. Of Banglamuki temple, famous for its 5 pagodas, one pagoda has gone, leaving only 4. You will not really notice until you count the pagodas.

Our last visit was of course Sathya Uddhyan School, after we got ready and had packed most of our suitcases. And we did not even mention the oil crisis..... Rows and rows of cars and taxis, busses, motor-bikes waiting in cue for several days to get a drop of petrol. Household on line to get their gas-bottles felt, if only half. People go back to cooking with wood, thus causing a lot more smog. We fear this will take more time, as the government has not even started negotiations to solve the border problem with India and the Terai people.

Remaining wishing all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New year of 2016.
Elly and Mart

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School Kavre
School Kavre
Sathya Uddhyan in aanbouw
Sathya Uddhyan in aanbouw
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hier stond een tempel
hier stond een tempel
dit was een huis in Kavre
dit was een huis in Kavre

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20 January 2016

Enter your reaction here...Hello sir welldone nice job keep it up, its Newworld son of mr samuel obazu from ossiomo Nigeria. i miss u sir my regards to Elly.


20 January 2016

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20 January 2016

Enter your reaction is my contact if you would like to reach me +2349034465335.


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School Kavre
School Kavre

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